Readwise Review: It’s time to develop your second brain

Been into a situation where you consumed a lot of information while reading books, Tweets, articles but then found yourself having to revisit and spend time away from work relearning what you’d learned?

If you need to read so many things, read the same things again and again, but don’t have time then Readwise is something which can help you retain things up faster than before.

What is Readwise and How does it work?

Readwise is a read-later service that helps you read and retain more in less time. It’s like your second brain, always there when you need to read and remember information.

It connects with your various content consumption sources like Medium, Kindle, Pocket, Feedly, Twitter, Apple books, etc.

readwise source integrations

After collecting the data, They will send you a daily highlight which will help you recall and remember information for a long time. Not only that, but You can also export these highlights into apps like the notion, Evernote, Roam, or even a CSV.

This service helps you to read and remember things that matter to you by giving a daily summary of what you read.

Why readwise can help you be more managed

As I told you earlier, I read tweets, Instagram posts, or even articles on my iPhone or kindle every day. And most of the time I forget to read them again, but readwise sends me a daily email with what I read last day. Reading these emails not only helps me read those

  • Remember things for a longer time
  • Mobile application for android and IOS
  • Dark mode, Awesome Supprot, Referral system, 50% discount for students.
  • Import Twitter threads into it which is an exclusive feature
  • Supplement books (notes) from popular books like Atomic Habits, Traffic Secrets, Show Your Work etc
  • You’ve to install browser extensions to export and import data from apps since they don’t have APIs (not for only mobile users)
  • Sometimes read wise applications go slow while reading the daily highlights

Readwise’s pricing

When it comes to pricing they charge less than $9 a month with their highest plan which is pretty cheap as compared to services. Add to that, You’ll be grandfathered into that plans which means you’ll not face the price increase issue.

readwise pricing

If you just want to get daily highlights, and import data into the app but don’t want to export it to others apps. I guess the $4.49 plan is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Readwise?

Readwise is a read it later app which saves your highlights from podcasts, articles, books then sends them back to in the form of an email

How much does Readwise cost?

It costs $9.99 per month or $95.88 for a year, which means you can use all its functions. The lite plan costs $4.99 per month or $53.88 for a year

Is Readwise worth the money?

If you’re reading about 2 books a month then you’ll not regret having it.

Final thoughts on ReadWise

My readwise review is positive as I love to read books, articles, and now highlights. Plus they have a great knowledge base to keep adding insightful content in my life.

This makes it easy to read highlights, note down important points & review them later. It allows you to read faster saves time by shortening your reading list which explains

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