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Hi, I’m Shehraj Singh. I’m an Email Marketing Strategist For Creators. I’m a specialized solution for Facebook Ads and Email Marketing.

My goal is to help creators to own their traffic. So That, No Algorithm Change or platform can drain their wallet. Yeah, Building my strong personal brand as well.

Area of expertise

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Podcasting
  • Video marketing
  • Productivity

My Introduction to Online Marketing

This was the last week of December 2016, when I was scrolling through my YouTube Home Feed. Then a video came up that tells, How you can make money from Youtube. That Video was crazy enough to bring a spark of curiosity in me.

Video presented an opportunity to me where I could earn money by uploading the video on youtube and sharing it with my fellow. At first, I wasn’t convinced but the motivation that guy pumped in me got me going forward.

I went ahead and I uploaded 7-8 videos on YouTube. I was thinking about a new topic and started uploading one video weekly. Guess What?

Nothing Happened. Then, I started looking for more opportunities. Now, I get to aware of blogging and started lots of blogs. I got failed again and again. I know that something is working in the process.

In the end, It took me 3 years to come to the right track with a much-needed mentor. That’s my grind, my introduction to the world of Internet Marketing!

Biggest Learning of Life

Now Imagine, You are having a beautiful garden in your home. You love that garden. You are having flowers, one big fountain, You’ve Everything that you want to have inside that garden.

Now, One day your best friend or someone comes to the garden with a bag of garbage. Then, Pool all the garbage in your garden. What will be your reaction?

Clearly, You’ll say please don’t do it. Am I Right?

Let me tell you something, YOUR MIND IS YOUR BIGGEST GARDEN. If anyone tries to add negativity to your life (To Your Garden). What you need to do is, Cut that person from your life. If you can’t do that, Start ignoring him.

Now, You’ll be thinking. Why Shehraj?

I’ll say again, Just cut them off. Because They are polluting the most beautiful thing in your life that is your mind.

Your Friend, Your Mobile, Your Clothes, These things are not going to stay with you forever. But, Your mind is going to stay with you forever, You’ve to take care of it for your entire life.

I hope this will help you to grow in your life. Add to that, I’ll also recommend you to listen to this particular podcast episode given below

I recommend you to Check Our Blog Dorks if you want to know about our blog

That’s it for now! See you next time, Creator!

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