Hi, I’m Shehraj Singh. A 17 Year Kid With having a great interest in entrepreneurship. I’m a Blogger, Entrepreneur and FB Marketer. 

My Story

It was December 2016, when i was scrolling through YouTube

Then a video came up that tells that, How you can make money

from Youtube.

This Video is good enough to bring out the curiosity in me..

Video presented an opportunity to me where i could earn money by 

uploading video in youtube and sharing it with my fellow’s..

At first i wasn’t convinced but the motivation that guy pumped in me

got me going forward.

I went ahead and i uploaded 7-8 videos on YouTube. I was thinking

about new topic and started uploading one video weekly..

Guess What?

Nothing Happens…

Then, I started looking in more opportunities. Now, I get to aware about 

blogging and started lot’s of blog.

Post that it took me 3 years to come to the right track with a much needed


That’s my grind, my introduction to the world of Internet Marketing!

What’s yours,

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