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Before you email, maybe your message fall into the common categories that I listed below. Please use them before emailing.

General Feedback

If you wanna thank me or want to give feedback about my work, you can leave the feedback on twitter and Instagram.

I’m super active on these channel, I would love to read your feedback. If you didn’t received any reply, I still love you and appreciate your support

Promotion, Collaboration

Thank you so much for thinking me as your prospect, I would love to be into your promotional campaigns. But, there are some practices that I ignore.

Guest Post: Since, This is my personal blog. I never accepted a single guest post on this particular blog. Please do not submit request.

Backlinks: I do not trade backlinks for money. If you consider your content it is good that will be helpful for my audience, you are welcome to give it a shot.

Ads and sponsored content. I only accept contextual ads, please do not submit irrelevant options.

Republishing Permission

You are welcomed to republish content from my perfect episodes, articles, videos. But, there are certain conditions attached to it.

  1. Give me a proper credit with my full name “Shehraj Singh”
  2. Linkback to the article, video or podcast episode where you are using content from
  3. You are permitted to quote passages from my articles of less than 250 words. Similarly, you can quote upto 2 minutes for my audio/video content.

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