The Evolution of My Reading Habit

This was the beginning of 2020 When I got inspired to read because I watched too many videos on Youtube that told me you’ve to be a reader in order to be an intellectual personality.

I ordered 2 books on Amazon,

  • Think And Grow Rich
  • The power of the subconscious mind

I got the books, read 2-3 pages then crickets🦗…

I had no patience to sit down and read, maybe due to my fu$ked attention span due to social media. It was very difficult to read a single page.

Fast forward a few months, Nothing improved.

In this time I keep on learning about new things that can impact this thing. A lot of people helped me into this state by giving relevant advice.

One day, I discovered a video on Instagram which told me to read one page a day in order to build it.

Nothing worked for me, LOL!

One day, I started reading a book called traffic secrets. This was the first book that I read seriously.

I read about few chapters because they interested me. (It took me a month or so to do it.

One day, Everything changed!

A Stage of Self-awareness

One day I came to know about a manga named “Solo Leveling” which is a science fiction story.

I started reading it on my mobile. Two days – 100+‌ chapters gone!

I came to know that I can become good at reading by something that interests me.

There is a quote by Naval Ravikant: Read What You Love Until You Love to Read

This event resonated a lot with me when I read this quote. Let’s go back to the story

Still, As I said I was reading fiction on my mobile where Physical books were nonfiction.

Again, I was unable to develop consistency in reading.

Pass forward a few months, I was watching a video by Ankur Warikoo where he explained that you don’t need to read a book cover to cover.

If a book is unable to capture your attention this means you’re not ready for that book yet.

Again as I said, I wasn’t consistent yet

LAST MONTH, I took the ultimate goal of this year. At least, Reading one page a day. It’s been more than 24 days since I’m reading every single day.

This time I’m following one important rule.

– Skip the chapter that doesn’t excite me

It’s been a good journey to this day.

By the way, I’m still looking for a good fiction book in order to develop a passion for reading.

Feel free to drop your recommendation!

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