Atomic Habits: Quotes & Key Learnings

I just read Atomic Habits by James Clear. A really powerful book to form new habits and destroy bad ones.

Key Learning

  1. Improve daily by one percent. This can be anything (Maybe writing 50 words More, fixing your day schedule, etc.)
  2. Change Your Identity, not words. (Example:‌ I write 250 words daily, I’m a writer)
  3. Have an accountability partner to have a track of your habits.

Habits Compounds

We are the compound impact of our habits. Making one percent increment or decrement daily can make a huge difference.

Whenever building a habit, Start with small. You can become a genius by just learning one more idea on daily basis. I followed the same approach when I started. I never go to bed without learning one new thing.

Impact Compounds, I’m here in front of you. Writing a new book review. I’d not be here if I stopped at that particular moment.

Negative actions also compound. The more you think that You’re ugly, not good-looking, etc. You’ll feel you’re not worthy.

Follow your passion!

Favorite Quotes

  • You’re spending habits are a compound impact on your financial health.
  • We often dismiss small changes because they don’t seem to matter very much at the moment​

Wanna recommend a book to me or have any questions? hit me a reply, I’d be happy to read your book recommendation 🙂


Shehraj Singh

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Pss: This blog post style is Inspired from Noah Kagan’s Think And Grow Rich’s review

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