Enrichment Begins Within Book Review

Rahul Bhatnagar, An individual that thought me a lot of concepts about public speaking or being in-comfortable in front of a camera. Recently, He launched his book.

In this article, I’ll review (or give a Summary) the major concepts of the book with some quotes, references from it.

Let’s dive in…

Enrichment Begins Within Book Review

Enrichment Begins Within Book

Who’s this for:

The author made it clear on the very first page of the book that he wants to inspire, motivate and educate people with other people’s success stories.

As a result, This book is a kind of collage case study that includes people who have done revenue of more than 1 Cr (10 Million Rupees)

I can assure you if you’re someone like me who loves to listen or read other people struggles then you’ll love this book 

3 Key Ideas from the Book in 3 sentences

  • It’s all about taking massive initiatives. Ideally making a progress through them
  • Be consistent:‌ Don’t put yourself down in any situation
  • There is no secret ingredient. Put in the hard work, find the mentor who can help you to succeed

As mentioned earlier, Book promotes the ideology to take massive actions. You’ll notice this is one of the most interesting patterns in any successful person.

Interesting Quotes from the book

We must adapt, evolve, innovate and come up with new ideas.

If you cannot convince them on your pricing because that means you are not able to justify your service value to them


30% Expense Strategy: Doing all your monthly expenses within 30% of your income

Sell Before Create Strategy: You can test out your product idea before creating the product itself.


  • Fully practical advise
  • Worksheet by the end of every chapter


  • Readability Issues (small font)
  • Breaking flow with the format of this question
  • Book seems to salesy in between Including questions like what programs you took etc)
  • Jargon here and there (2-3 pages)

What’s my take on it

I’ll give this 3.5 out of 5. The deduction is based on cons. 

It’s an ideal recommendation for someone who wants to get inspired or want to check out case studies of other people.

It’s also good for someone who wants to develop a reading habit because question format can make your reading work a bit easy.

Ps: You can check out my Atomic Habits summary if you’re someone who wants to create a reading habit.

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