Samson Q2U Review: A Creators Paradise?

I never did a physical product review on this blog but I so much loved this microphone I wanted to put my two cents in about it.

I came across this mic when Pat Flynn recommend this microphone for podcasting. I pay huge respect to Pat for his honesty that I started learning about this.

Let’s start with my experience,

Samson Q2U Review

samson q2u
Forgive my photography skills

Samson Q2U is a budget microphone that makes it perfect to buy and start your show without burning a hole in your wallet.

Q2U is a dynamic microphone that results in noise cancellation and gives you a natural sound. Still, It was catching the sound of my fan then I started using an app called Krisp in order to avoid any noise that will affect the quality of my voice.

In short, You need to consider using tools like Krisp if you’re planning to buy this microphone.

Pros & Cons

  • If you are a creator on a budget,
  • Supports XLR as well as USB
  • Built-in headphone jack that allows you to hear yourself while recording and
  • Headphone volume controls
  • A dynamic microphone reduces background noise than a condenser.
  • Little Heavier than expected.


It’s been six months using this microphone and it’s like I’m still discovering new things about this microphone. This is a perfect starter mic for people who want to start their podcast without huge investments.

I encourage you to have this microphone and share your experience with me and other readers. Till then, Keep Creating!

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