What is Imposter Syndrome? How I ended up in self-dought

Last week, I got a hit with Imposter Syndrome. I started feeling that, Money I make, relationships I built, I’m unworthy to these assets.

  • I started feeling tired
  • I was not able to concentrate on work
  • I thought I need to stop everything up!
  • I’m unworthy

This isn’t true, I’m having this empire because I added value to this world. As a buy product, I got this!

What is Imposter Syndrome?

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Imposter Syndrome is a kind of internal belief that makes you think that you’re not the guy that others think you are. In short, You think you’re unworthy for everything you’re carrying out!

My main cause of Imposter Syndrome was, I’m not worthy to teach others. I’m not 100% original. People can learn these concepts from others.

Why from me>

I realized that Everything that others teach isn’t a hundred percent original. They also learned these from their mentors.

To be honest, Imposter Syndrome was a very bad experience. This eats up your productivity, mindset, whatnot.

How to get out of Imposter Syndrome?

I went ahead reviewed every single comment that my blog readers, Youtube subscribers posted. This boosted my self-confidence and gave me the ability to get out of my imposter zone.

Comments gave me the feeling that I’m doing something go, od that adds value to others’ life.

Thank you guys for your wonderful comments 🙂

This is how I get back from it. You can try various things. Maybe you can call your best friend to ask,

  • What are things you would learn from me
  • Whom Am i

These little questions will boost the confidence which led to the exit zone. I’m linking out few resources that might help you to learn more about it.


2 thoughts on “What is Imposter Syndrome? How I ended up in self-dought”

  1. Hi Sheraj, thank you for your comment on my tweet.

    I think every great person has to fight with imposter syndrome. It’s part of the process. I like how you dealt with it, looking back at the feedback and kind words you have received.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, looks like you’re well on the path to success.


    • 100% agree with the following statement that Sonner or later, everyone goes through it. We would attempt again and again to get out of self-dought.


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