First Blog Post – Welcome :)

Welcome to I’m super excited to see you here. This blog is created to help marketers with my practical knowledge (my experience) of marketing. This blog will mostly talk about email marketing and automation.

My goal behind this blog is to grow my personal brand as well as. Make this blog a authority in the field of email marketing.

About Author – Shehraj Singh

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Hi, I’m Shehraj Singh. Hi, I’m Shehraj Singh. I’m an Email Marketing Strategist For Creators. I’m a specialized solution for Facebook Ads and Email Marketing.

I’ve started this blog to share my marketing knowledge to my fellow marketers. Yeah, For building my personal brand as well. This is a short intro about me.

I’m feeling very happy to be a teacher and a student of yours. What did I say?

I’m a teacher because you’ll be going to learn directly from me from these blog posts. Student, Because I’m going to learn lots of stuff from you in the form of blog comments. These are some categories to learn new stuff from here 🙂

Long Journey To Cover,

Shehraj Singh

PS: I’m always open for any kind of feedback or review around my blog. You can reach out to me over.

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