How to read a book in 15 minutes with Blinkist

Do you want to read more but don’t have the time? Blinkist has your back.

With an extensive library of non-fiction books, all condensed into 15-minute reads, you can get the key insights from over 2 thousand different books in just a few seconds.

It’s like Netflix for books! I’ve been using the Blinkist app for a while now, and I wanted to share my experience with you

Let’s dive in…

Blinkist Review

As I told you earlier, Blinkist is an app that offers bite-sized versions of non-fiction books.

You can think of Blinkist as an online library where every book is distilled down to only the most important parts, so you don’t have to waste your time on irrelevant information.

With over 2 thousand titles in its library, you can easily find any topic that interests you and read up on it in just 15 minutes.

Pros of using Blinkist

  • You can read an entire book in just 15 minutes!
  • You’ll never be at a loss for something to read again with so many great titles and subjects available on Blinkist.
  • No matter how much time is left in your day, Blinkist will help you squeeze out a little more knowledge and become a better-informed human being.
  • You can email your blinks to your kindle

As amazing as this new service is, Blinkist does have some cons to it.

  • Each book is condensed down into 15-minute reads, sometimes the content of the book is not understandable.
  • You can’t bookmark a particular timestamp while listening, Ewww!
  • If you’re someone like me, I’m sure you’ll miss the feel of the physical book.

Quality of book summaries

I swear their book summaries are better than mine published on this blog. They’re very to the point. Add to that, You can also listen to them while reading which makes it great!

Not only that, They do cover a lot of categories as you can see below.

blinkist books categories

Discover your new authors n’ books

I personally love discovering new authors. If you want to find new authors on Blinkist, you can look for them by listening to summaries recommend by their algorithm.

I am also able to find new authors based on what other people who share similar tastes are reading. There are also recommendations in each category that allow me to discover books I wouldn’t have picked myself.

Export Highlights to Evernote

This feature will only benefit you if you read their summaries (not for listeners).

Blinkist allows you to export your favorite highlights in the Evernote software which makes you a bit easy when it comes to the management of your learning resource.

Blinkist Pricing

Blinkist’s annual plan costs about $50 a year.

They do have a free plan as well but it’s very limited. Every single day they’ll send you a summary from a book which you can listen to or read.

But I don’t like this aspect of giving away free summaries that are not under my control.

So If you ask for my suggestion, I’ll recommend you to go with the Blinkist premium plan because they’re worth a damn to be a paying customer

They do offer 7 days of free trial as well. You can use coupon code “SATORI35” for 35% off on your annual purchase.

Frequently asked questions

What is Blinkist?

Blinkist is an app that offers bite-sized versions of non-fiction books.

How much does a Blinkist subscription cost?

It costs about $50 a year

Can you read full books on Blinkist?

No, Blinkist provides summaries of books.

Final Verdict

I use Blinkist to find new authors and their awesome books. If a summary resonates with me then I purchase the full book.

Kind of this app helped me to make my decisions easier about the books that I want to read and which not.

I actually recommended it to all of my friends and family members and they were also really happy

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