Blog Descriptions: Easiest Formula’s to Craft Descriptions

Most of the newbie bloggers didn’t give importance to their blog descriptions. They never realize that their blog description is the first impression of their blog in search engines after their blog title.

Blogging Fire Blog Description Example
Blogging Fire – Blog Description Example

In short, Blog description is the peace of content that appears in SERPs after your link. Here it is.

There are two types of descriptions

  • Blog Description: A description of the homepage of your blog.
  • Blog Post Description: A description of what your blog post is all about. This different for every single post.

How to Write A Blog Description

Rather than Having Blog Post Description of every page, you also need to specify a meta description of your homepage. Having Blog Description helps figure out the reader, what your website/blog is all about.

You can addup these elements into it;

  • Social Proof of your Brand
  • Include your expertise or USP
  • Showcase the Vision or Goal of your website
  • Little Jargon for building rapport of your blog in front of the user.

By combining these elements, I’ve created a short one,

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Kinda Short

If you have an SEO Plugin called Rank Math. You can easily set up it by using these instructions.

How to write Blog descritioon in wordpress
Writing Blog Description in Rank Math Plugin

Blog Description Examples

In this section, I’ve tried my best to include blog description examples from top blogs of several niches like Digital Marketing, Travel, Photography, etc.

Here are a few examples, that will give you an idea, How to make an eye-catchy blog description

Example #1: Ahrefs Blog (SEO Blog)

Blog Description of Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs description is designed to show that, they will help you to be better in marketing by providing detailed tutorials, case studies 

Example #2: Nerd Fitness (Health)

Blog Description of nerd fitness

Nerd Fitness description is strategically designed for showing their content beginner-friendly. The word “average Joes” describes this very well.

They also tell you that you got stuff around lose weight, get stronger, etc.

Example #3: Tech Radar (Technology)

Meta description screenshot of tech radar

TechRadar description is very simple and clear. They simply tell you will get stuff around technology news and reviews, covering computing, gadgets and more.

Example #4: Money Under 30 (Personal Finance)

Meta description screenshot of money under 30

MoneyUnder30 is showing their authority in the personal finance niche. So they are describing that you got everything on their blog that exists in personal finance section.

Example #5: Yummly (Recipes)

Meta description screenshot of yummly

Yummly is itself an authority blog in the cooking niche. They also introduced the term “smart cooking” and also tells that their recipes are for every person who wants to cook.

Example #6: Digital Deepak (Digital Marketing Blog)

image 13

Digital Deepak is targeting their County and state user first by adding “from Bangalore, India”. This will be helpful for them to target a specific set of audience

Example #7: Blogging Fire (Blogging & SEO) – Rebranded to

image 14

Our description describes that, My blog will help you in succeeding in a saturated industry by providing proven strategies.

Example #8: Backlinko (SEO Blog)

image 15

Backlinko’s Blog Description, Show that this blog is not for ones that are starting with SEO. It’s only for whom, who wants to learn advanced SEO

How to Write Blog Post Descriptions

In WordPress, If you are using a plugin called Rank Math. Then under the post writing section, you will see something like this:

writing a perfect blog post descriptions in Rank Math

At the end of this image, Where i have written a Long text (“Blog Description…..for SEO.”). In this box, we write blog post descriptions to show up them in search results

This helps search engines to figure-out meta description that they have to show in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

In Case, If you didn’t write blog post description. Then Search engines will automatically put a relevant description from your content.

Tips for writing Perfect blog post description

There are 10 blogs that are ranking on first page of google. then, why you are thinking that the user will click. Why he will click on your blog.

Here is the Answer,

By Building Click attractor meta title and description

Here is a Formula, for Building a powerful meta description, You have to add certain elements that will increase your branding signals and authority as well.

Here are some tips to write effective blog description that works.

  • Blog Description limit is 160 characters. You can make it shorter.
  • Conversational tune – Use words like I and You to make interaction with your user.
  • Use Power Words – Power words are those words that get the attention of user just by using them. I have
  • Be Unique – Make your description as unique as possible. Don’t copy other bloggers. Because it makes you unique than others
  • Add Words That Compels – Add Words to your description that compels users to click on your blog link in SERPs.
  • Add Positive or Negative Emotion –  According to Studies, if you add a positive or negative emotion in your description. It will connect with users subconscious mind. Will Make a Brand image in his mind.
  • Add to Call Action – Include a call to actions to get more clicks to your blog post description.
  • Your mission or vision statement of your blog

Don’t use keywords repeatedly, Will lead to Keyword stuffing plenty.

How to Optimize Blog Post Descriptions For SEO

You need to include your target keyword into the first sentence of the meta description.


Because, When there is a presence of the target keyword in the first paragraph of the article, it sends a relevancy signal to search engines that your article is about this keyword.

Pro Tip: Try to include LSI keywords in your articles. Because it sends a more strong relevancy signal to search engines and readers as well. Just have a look, that is everything looks natural or not.

Now it’s your turn

I hope you have an idea; How to draft a Blog Description that rocks.

I have tried to cover every element that helps you to craft an awesome blog description. if you felling something is missing then please let me know in the comments section.

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