Hi, I’m Shehraj! – @ishehraj

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I’m an online writer, and digital marketer (specializing in Meta Ads, and SEO) based out of Toronto, Ontario.

This is my blog or hub where I write about writing online, book summaries, philosophy, and whatever sparks curiosity in my daily life.

Beside that;

  • I love to travel to new places
  • Read books specifically Non-fiction
  • Interacting with new people (though I’m a bit introverted in some situations)
  • Watching anime,
  • Reading manga & webtoons, etc.

You can figure out, What Am I doing right now

I also love to write Twitter, Medium, and Linkedin which are mostly distribution channels to reach a wider audience where as this blog is a very closed environment or the people who know me. Anyway, if you wanna read more of my social content then it’s available on my social blog.