My First Experience With Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Today I used Wise to receive funds in my bank, earlier I was a big PayPal fanboy (don’t know why)

Still, I hated them over few things like low conversion rate, heavy fee, etc.

But when I used Wise, I was amazed by their service quality. I instantly got my payment within seconds of the transfer…

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First Question in my mind, How they did it? (Still discovering it)

In addition to speed, Their conversion rate was solid. My friend sent me $233.735, As per Google (data sourced from morning star)‌ it should be 17,185.62 Indian Rupee

I got 17070.18 in my bank account which is pretty decent as compared to their alternatives. I would have received 16500 something if used their alternatives.

I’m a big fan of this kind of service and tools because they don’t only give us unfair leverage over others but also make life easier. Like Wise helped me to maintain my cash flow by quick cash transfer.

Wrapping Up

My first impression of Wise (referral link) was excellent. I’ll continue to use them in my workflow. If I found many pros and cons, I’ll keep on adding them in this article.

Happy money transfer. Cheers!

PS – This is just a review of my personal experience.

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