What do I want in my Wife? Building up an Ideal Avatar

I’m at the end of my teenage (19 in 2021), I hear my friend talking about the dating world. I was listening to them quite seriously suddenly an idea stuck in my mind.

What did I want in my ideal wife?

But I didn’t pay much attention to it. The other day, I watched a video of Patrick Bet David. In the presentation, He talked about the same thing.

What do you want your life to be like?

Now that caught my attention, and I seriously thought about it for a moment. Yeah, In this post you’ll discover my thoughts about my ideal wife.

My Ideal Wife Avatar

I’m having four different criteria to deep dive into;

  • Must-Have
  • Should Have
  • Could Have
  • Won’t Have


  • A healthy eating lifestyle that will ultimately benefit me to stay fit
  • More Creative and Smarter than me so she can push me to become the best version of me
  • More Motivated than me because she will motivate me in many ways
  • Always try to become a good version of herself by learning new things every day
  • Be open to express her opinion so I can help her to grow
  • Down to earth and always accept and respect others for who they’re

Should Have

  • Fitness: She should be very conscious about her health and fitness. She should practice an exercise routine as per her comfort zone.
  • Reader: May is not reading 20-30 books a year but yeah she should read at least 10 books a year.
  • Goal-Oriented: She should have some goal in her life
  • A strong sense of self-respect and confidence
  • Good communication skills

Could Have

  • Interest in playing music instuments.
  • Interest in cooking so I’ll learn some good recipes from my future wife.
  • Good taste in fashion since I suck at it.
  • Maybe a content creator

Won’t Have

  • No political or religious affiliations (I don’t want to talk about politics or religions ever)
  • No Dictatorship. I want her to be down-to-earth and not try to control my life. She should be a good listener

Ending the list

I never thought I’ll publish something like this but yeah I loved the idea of asking myself what I want.

I hope you liked this post let me know what do you expect from your ideal wife or husband?

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