My Top Purchases of 2021

I never thought these small things will impact my life as much as they did. So, Yeah let’s start;

  • Samson Q2U: Awesome microphone for beginners. It’s cheap and portable. Windows recognized it without any additional drivers and it has a USB cable which means you can easily make some custom cables.
  • Water bottle: Being Hydrated is very important and most people don’t drink enough water. I like to take mine with me everywhere. Makes it easy to access.
  • Amazon Alexa: Home automation is the future. I know most people would say “I wouldn’t want my home controlled by some dude on the internet” but trust me, you want this. It’s awesome and it’s going to change your life for the better.
  • Highlighters for books: Small but very important purchase for making books easier to revise. I use 2 different colors. I use orange one for imp notes, yellow for super important notes.
  • Firestick Lite: Want to turn android tv into a streaming device? This is the one you want. You can watch everything without any additional subscriptions. You don’t need to buy it but I like
  • Tygot LED Ring: Portable lighting setup for content creators

Next purchase in my mind;

  • Kindle Paperwhite: I’m thinking of buying this. It’s an eBook reader but it also supports audiobooks which is something you’d probably like if you don’t like reading on mobile too.

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