My Top Productivity Hacks For Creators

Getting things done in a shorter period of time is known as productivity…

In this short article, I’ll showcase my productivity tips for digital entrepreneurs. Stay tuned 🙂

Productivity Tips For Creators

To make yourself productive you need to be structure your entire day from its beginning. Let’s start with your morning.

Make YOur Bed

unorganized bed

I’m not joking…

When you accomplish the first task of the day. This will give you the courage to do a second chance than a third… (Loop goes on)

Clean Your Inbox

God! You know where most of my time sink in…

Email Inbox because I didn’t want to miss out on any important mail. For me, my email inbox is like alcohol.

heart emoji on email

I keep going until I end it. Most of the emails inside my inbox were from email subscriptions or newsletters.

There were many newsletters that I subscribed to years ago…

Today, I hate them! Maybe due to a change of interest or something that stops me to open them.

To get rid of them, I started unsubscribing them one by one. Guess what, I was overwhelmed within 5 minutes.

I do this task daily until I got this awesome tool named Unroll!

Unroll is a free service that lets you connect with your mailing inbox where you can unsubscribe these newsletters with a single click. Sounds cool!

It’s. This single tool helped me to prioritize my mailing inbox.

For prioritization of your inbox, You can also use some advanced filters for important mails.

ReLearn: How to type

Where you spend most of your time? You’re right, Your laptop…

Maximizing your Word Per Minute (WPM) limit will help you acquire more time to get things done.

Suppose you’re writing 50 emails a day with a 50 WPM Limit.

On average, you invest one-minute crafting or replying to the email. It costs 50 minutes a day with your current writing style.

What if your writing speed is 100 WPM. You’ll be spending only 25 Mins. You’ll save,

  • 25 Mins a Day…
  • 750 Mins a Month…
  • 9125 Mins (6.3 Days) a Year…

That’s just from email. If you relearn the skill of typing, You’ll never fall under the trap of time.

Plus, Your Fingers will also feel relaxed.

Resources to Type Fast

Learn ShortCuts

Learning keyboard shortcuts will enable you to save a lot of time.

I’m not going to present any calculations, because I know you experienced this in past.

Ctrl + Z (To Undo any action) is one of the most common and well-known shortcuts. How many times you used it and how much time you saved?

Read the last line again, Let that sink in!


Learning keyboard shortcuts is one of the most underrated job but, this saves a ton of time.

I saved a lot by learning shortcuts of Gmail, Google Drive, etc.

How you can learn:

Open these websites and press “Shift + ?”, You’ll get a handful of shortcuts. This shortcode works in most of the google plaftforms.

Gmail shortcuts
Gmail Shortcuts

Action Step:

Find which application or websites you’re using on daily basis. Start learning new shortcuts of these sites.

productivity tips for creators

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