Best Opt-in Email Example and the Perfect Placement Ideas

Are you ready with your bait (lead magnet)?

You are now thinking, Where I need to place the subscription box so that it can attract more attention than any place.

Before I present you with some ideas, make sure that you are ready with your lead magnet. If you have a simple newsletter, then that also sounds perfect.

Subscription Box Ideas


Have you ever noticed that on the homepage of every popular site, They have a subscription box?

The question is, Why?

Simple, The homepage is the most linked page of every site. That is the reason the homepage is one of the highest traffic pages of any website.

Placing your subscription box inside the homepage is a good idea. But, Placing the subscription box above the fold is a fantastic idea. This simple practice will attract the full attention of the user. 

So, Create one email opt-in box on homepage of your blog.

Exit Intent

Exit intent popup is something that is like using subscription boxes without using any spaces in the sites. Seems Confusing? 

Let me solve the riddle, 

You might have seen that Whenever you try to exit some sites. Then instantly, A popup comes up. This practice is called exit-intent popups.

Exit intent Popup of

These popups are very helpful in retaining the users’ attention. Unlike, Other popups these popups are not distracting.

In my view, “Exit Intent popups are one of the best ways to obtain the email of losing the lead.” 


For Bloggers, Blog posts are the most significant source of attention. Then, Why not add your email opt-in inside your blog sidebar or end of the blog post.

Honestly, I’ve not tested this out yet. If you tested this thing, Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.

Newsletter Page

I saw this on Mark Manson’s blog. He has the newsletter page pinned in the top menu. Gradually, I realized this is something that most creators ignore.

You need to have a newsletter page. This will also boost your opt-in rate.

Add to that: You can also promote your newsletter in various other channels.

For Example: In Your podcast, Youtube Video you can say that go to the website and signup for the newsletter.

About Page

About page is one of the most visited pages. Didn’t Believe Me…

Go and checkout your Analytics.

People that are visiting your about page. They must be your warm audience. That’s the reason, They want to know more about you.

This person will be the ideal prospect as an lead. Am I Right?

The conclusion of the story is, Include at least one opt-in form in your about page to cater to your super fans.

So, now it’s your turn.

I’ve represented a few lead magnet placement ideas that will help you grow your email list faster than ever.

Question for you, Which Lead Magent place idea you are going to implement right away?

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