3 Tips to become effective in your networking?

Your NETWORK is your Net-worth!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this proverb and one thing is true, it is definitely true for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Today has become more important then ever but they’re many few people that do networking on consistent basis. Unfortunately, I was in the same boat until recently when I learned to treat my network as an asset.

How do you become effective in your networking?

Let’s take a look at the key factors that might help you transform your connections into connections that can be helpful for you!

1- Personalization

I received a lot of emails where people add “Dear Sir/Madam” or just “sir”

I’m be like you’re outreaching to me without adding my name into it!

So I must give you a hint, I mark these emails as spam. Why? because people use outreaching softwares to send these kind of mails.

Takeaway: Add person name or sir name in the email.

Name is the first level in the outreaching game. You should try to create email bit more personalized by adding their story or something which can let them know that you did the research before reaching out!

2 – Engage before connect

Every person is active on social media, You can go ahead n’ engage with their content in order to grab their attention.

After they see your engagement, They will start noticing you!

Now, When you’ll reach out to them maybe through email or any kind of medium then you’re coming form out of the blue.

They already know you. If things mentioned in #1 are not that much good but you’re good at step 2 you can still expect a reply

Takeaway: Engage before connect.

3 – Ask for Referral

Maybe you know the person X who can knows the Y. You can ask the person X to connect with the person Y and to give you a referral.

See if they connect with you, so here your strength is in your network not in you!

Make sure that person X knows person well not be like I Met him once somewhere in meeting or so…

Make sure you confirm the relationship before proceeding else it may drive a negative impression

What do you think about these steps? Would love to read from you in comment box below!

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