List Building: My Quick n’ non-techie Strategies

List Building is not a magic. Today, I’m going to show you how to build your email list.

These are the simple exact strategies that helped me to grow my list from 0 to 1K in just 3 days.

Let’s Dive In…

List Building Strategies

Note: To implement these strategies, You must need a landing page for lead generation.

Your Email Ps

I haven’t seen many people doing it. But, this stuff works like charm without any hard work. You need to do is simply set your email signature. Like this;

email ps

I know my copy sucks. But this worked out really well for me. You just need to update your email signature once.


Everytime you’ll send an email. This little advertisement will come up.

Every social media platform gives you the opportunity to add your website link to your profile.

shehraj singh instagram
My Instagram Bio

Simply, Go and update your landing page link in the website section. Change your bio for adding more context. This will give you free traffic to the site.

For instance:

Last Month, My 250+ follower Twitter account generated over 100+ clicks. Image 100+ interested people (warm traffic) for absolutely free.

Viral Giveaways

viral marketing

GIVEAWAYS are a great source to attract a new audience to your world. Offer a specific bait to your audience, they will enter their email address for grabbing it.

Marketers generate thousands of leads with just one contest. You read right!

Here is a catch, You can need to aggressive while list cleaning. Due to the fact, People’s interest was more in the giveaway offer than you.

You need to be hyper-aggressive to remove all the people who were there just for the giveaways.

Check this post from Bloggers Passion to learn more about giveaways

Facebook Group

If you’re having a Facebook group. This practice is built for you. When someone requests to join your group. In member questions, You can ask people to submit their email addresses for joining your Facebook group.

Then, Using automation tool like GroupBoss, you can send email to your autoresponder.

Seems Techy, It’s. Here is the in-depth post to automate your group.


These are a few quick n’ non-techie practices to grow your list passively. Over time, I’ll be adding more strategies to this list. Thanks For Reading.

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