My Evolution from being an Introvert to Extrovert

This post is very close to my heart.

If you are not an introvert, you may even think what’s wrong with being one or why am I even blogging about this. But if you are an introvert, you would perfectly understand where I am getting at.

People will say that introverts are shy, not out-speaking, and whatnot. But I am here to tell you that being an introvert is a lot more than what is said about it.

In this post, I’ll show you some problems I faced being an introvert in the next section, how I’m trying to solve them

Introvert to Extrovert

First of all, l was very shy to talk in front of strangers or in a group. I keep on looking at their feet, unable to make eye contact, not asking any kind of questions. Just trying to end this conversation ASAP!

Inside Classroom even I had a dought I never used to ask my teacher about it. I start shivering (I don’t think this is the right word for that feeling), feel comfortable to talk…

How I changed it –

I started observing a pattern, who were those people who made me feel more comfortable. Those were the ones I started with in order to develop a bond. It was hard but I keep on doing it until I got a friend circle to come along with me.

I guess this happened automatically, I took group coaching from one of my mathematics teachers. In that room, All the other students were my friends so I felt good.

Now, I was a little confident to talk there as compared to the classroom. I develop a flow to create a conversation with the teacher in tuition class. I started doing the same with that teacher inside the school.

As a result, I started feeling comfortable with the class as well. Now, It was a bit easy to ask questions over other teachers as well.


In December 2019, I attended the first networking event of my life (Yes! I attended an event where attendees were strangers for me but some of them knew me). It was very difficult to make out the conversation there but a guy named Shivam approached me.

I started answering his questions. It was very difficult to maintain the conversation there but I kept on doing it. With time, I started feeling more comfortable with that person.

One more guy jumped into the conversation, Easy to adjust keep ongoing…

In the end, I didn’t make any meaningful connections there be. I just keep on being worried before entering any conversation.

How I changed it –

I was not able to make much difference in the progress due to his COVID-19 pandemic but I had a friend circle (From school) with me which supported me in talking to strangers. I still feel uncomfortable in starting conversations but not that much.

On a regular basis, I do learn about networking and human behavior to become an effective communicator.

Talking to the opposite gender

I was very conscious while talking to a girl, Indeed I never wanted to look them in the eyes. I couldn’t make eye contact and felt comfortable when they talked to me (I didn’t want to be rude either)

My introverted friends may be able to understand this point.

How I changed it –

I evolved over time, I was very bad at English. If you’ve watched my previous videos maybe still 2020, You can check the grammar.

I decided to join English coaching classes in my area. It was very difficult to adjust in the beginning but after 1 or 2 days I started enjoying it.

I build a bit of connection here & there with guys in the house. Fortunately, There were only 3 girls in our batch. Total, We’re around 11 students in the room.

I started asking few things about the studies with the girls. They responded to me & I got a bit of confidence.

Slowly n’ Steadily, I became more comfortable with girls conversationally speaking!

I’d agree with the fact that I become uncomfortable with ladies. I think that’s okay, I’ll slowly overcome it one day or another.

At Crowded Places

I guess in 2016 or 17, I was purchasing books for my new semester with my grandfather. There were a lot of people in the shop. As you know, I was very uncomfortable there as well.

I keep on standing there for an hour or so figuring out when should I talk. People come n’ go I was unable to take a step ahead!

My Grandfather pushed me again and again to say something. After a lot of his pats on my back, I decided to say something

How I overcame it

There wasn’t any step by step way. I did all this with overtime practice.

What’s Next?

Still, I’m in self-discovery mode. As time goes on, I’m sure some of you will help me to overcome some other challenges! (I’ll keep on adding them in this post)

By the way, I’d love to hear your story in the comment section.

Let’s connect there 🙂


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