My 18 Month Experience with Groww

I havn’t talked much about investing in the space, I feel I’m still a learner not that I have a lot of experience, but it’s been an interesting journey, to say the least.

I’ve been using Groww for a long time now (almost 18 months) and I’m excited to share my opinion about Groww and what it has to offer for those interested in stock investing, especially those who want to do it from India!

Groww Review

Disclaimer: This review is based on my personal experience of 18 months of investing through Groww. I’m not promoting or advertising for them

As I remember, I came across Groww from a YouTuber channel. They sponsored a video or so, I decided to try it out!

I found their application very easy to use and the user interface is so un-intimidating, I decided to go for it!

What they offer:

Currently, Groww offers will help you to invest in Indian stocks, US Stocks (I’ll not recommend using this one), mutual funds, digital gold.

Let’s discuss their services one by one,

Investing in Stocks

Groww’s promotes itself as a stock investing app. They have a very clean interface while investing.


They do present very clean reports but they do not possess any advanced option that can be seen inside apps such as Kite by Zerodha does but for a complete beginner it’s very easy to use.

I’ll not recommend you to use their app for trading purposes.

If I talk about their fees, They’re very reliable in that case. They do not charge any yearly fees or so. They charge 0.05% or 20 rupees for every buy or sell order you do, so very minimal!

On the other hand, They do have some other changes here and there which you can check over here.

US Investing

I’ll not recommend you to use Groww for investing in US stocks rather you can use INDMoney for that purpose because they can save you foreign traction charges due to their partnership with SBN bank.

You can choose Groww for investing but my recommendation is to not go for it until and unless you’re a veteran who knows how much leverage and margin they require for investing.

Mutual Funds

You can currently find mutual funds with them but again, I purchased few mutual funds plans from them.

I’m quite satisfied with the service. They do not charge any entry fees or redemption fees which is so good for an investor.

Digital Gold

While writing this article, This service is not available (I’m not sure why). I’ll update this section after they open it again.

In my eyes, Investing in gold is not a good idea, but I do understand where people are coming from. They want a secure place to invest their money and gold seems good for them.

They offer free storage of the gold you purchase from them!

My Experience:

I have used Groww since August 2020 and it’s been a good journey so far. I do feel that they do not have a lot of features as compared to Zerodha, but I’m happy with what they have.

Happy Investing,

Shehraj Singh

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