What is Google Adsense & 3 Ways to Make Money With It?

Website Monetization is one of the most critical parts that will decide your future revenue. You can Monetize your website using ads, Affiliate Marketing, and Many More.

When It comes to ads, then Google Adsense is an Industry Leader. If you didn’t know what Google Adsense is, and How to earn money through it, then you can continuously read out this post.

What is Google Adsense (Define Adsense)

Google Adsense Meaning is very Simple. Adsense is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising program by Google that serves ads on your site.

If you don’t know what CPC Modle is, CPC means that you get paid for every click of the visitor on your ads.

Adsense is one of the easiest ways to make money through your site. You just have to add an HTML code to your site. Everything goes on Auto-Pilot.

Why Google Adsense

Are you willing to know Why 2 Million People Chosen Google Adsense and Why Not Any Other Ad Network. Then, Here is your all answers

1. Right ads for your audience

Adsense Ads are reviewed to ensure they’re high-quality and relevant to your content or audience.

Adsense also Serves retargeting ads. That ads also help you to get more clicks on your ads.

More Clicks = More Money

2. You have control to block irrelevant Ads

Google Adsense also gives the power to block ads. You can easily block those ads that you didn’t prefer to show on your site. That gives you a great edge to improve user experience.

3. Only High Paying Ads will be displayed on Site

Advertisers pay a higher percentage of amount because they trust Google and they got a high conversion rate by running Google Ads. This Mean You get a higher commission to start with Adsense,

4. It’s Program of Google

Google Earn lots of money and fame in the world. Adsense is Google’s Program. So, you can trust it and Start Making Money Through it.

How Does Google Adsense work

Google Adsense is a Middle man between Advertisers and Publishers (Like You).
Advertisers Bids on a Specific keyword,

For Example, I am running A Digital Marketing Institute. Then, I will bid For Keywords like Learn Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute, etc.

As a Publisher, if you included those keywords in your content, then, ads will be served to your site.
Because of Adsense Crawl your site to check your intent behind the content. If they find that your website using keyword “Learn Digital Marketing” Then, ads will display on your site.

Now, If your reader clicks on that ad then you will get the 67% Share of the amount that Advertiser Bids. That’s How Google Adsense program works with

How to Create Google Adsense account


1. Go to Google Adsense website, Click on Sign up Button

2. Fill up Your website, and email address in the form, then click on “Save and Continue”.

3. Now, add your Personal Details (Like – First name, Address, etc)

image 2

4. Now, Paste the verification code After <Head> Tag on your site page.

5. Now, Click on the Submit button.

That’s all you are all set. Adsense team will review your team and might be you got approval.

This Thing is ended here, I have a few tips for you to implement.

How to approve your Adsense Account

1. Content is King

Give to Adsense, that they Want.

As we Know, Adsense Policies are very strict. So, Adsense rejects lots of websites daily. So, I am going to describe some secrets that Help you to Get Google Adsense Approval. Let’s Consider, Your Blog as a Book.

Image of a Book on table

Now, If you Reading a Book then, what you expect from that Book.

The answer is Good Content.

  Now, This is Your First Rule to follow to get approved. Always Remind that “Content is King”. According to me, you have at least 15-20 well-written Blog Post  with at least 700 words and a Proper internal Linking,

2. Clean Design

    Let’s Again, Take the Example of Book. Now, you again reading a book. Suppose, if the background color of content is Black. And the text color is orange. What a dirty combination it is. Samely, In Blog you need to give a clean design to Adsense that is loved By your Visitors. 

   So, you can follow these tips to give clearness to your Blog

  • Keep A Good Color Combination, across the Blog.
  • Ensure your sidebar looks clean & professional.
  • Add social share buttons.
  • Avoid pop-ups 
  • Proper Menu Navigation
  • Do Proper Internal Linking
  • Add Proper Pages Like Contact Us, About Us

3.  Use of Custom Domain

     I think I need to add this step at the beginning. But, Don’t worry I am going to add it there. According to Google Adsense, they only accept these domain forms




 So, we need to use a custom domain, you can buy a custom domain from Godaddy.

4. Add pages like About, Contact us…etc

    There are some pages that you have to create to get approved by Google Adsense. That Pages are

  1. Contact us. (Must)
  2. Privacy Policy (Must)
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Terms and Condition
  5. About us

5. Copyrighted Content

      If you are using the content on your blog, by copying and pasting from other blogs. Then, You never got approved by Adsense. Because they reject you for duplicate content. So, Please use your own Content.

   Even You cannot use images that are posted on other sites. Now you think that, 

This Thing is Quite Difficult? Huh? 

  I want to tell that you can use other people images. Now, you got confused. The case is that some publishers spread their images for free usage. These images are copyright-free images. 

You can use copyright-free images from these websites

    These websites are one of the Best copyright-free images providers. You can use their images for free or you can create your own images with the help of Canva.com 

6. Blog Must Have 6 Months Old

    According to Google Adsense

“In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.”

  So, you have to be a 6 six-month-old blog to get approved by Adsense. Mine, If you are applying after 6 months then it’s good. If you have a well-structured blog. then, You can also apply for Adsense before six months.

7. Have Some Traffic

   Your Blog Must have to get at least 50 PageViews per day. This will increase your chances to get approved.

Enjoy, With your Google Adsense account

Google Adsense Payment Method

Men Having wallet in Pocket

Google Adsense Pay you money when you reach the $100 threshold.

On 21th of the month, they initiate cash transfer to your bank account. You got the money after 3 or 4 days of initiation.

Suppose if you don’t get money after 15 days of initiation then, You have to contact the Adsense team and tell them issue. They will be happy to help you out.

No More Third Party = No More Commissions

You didn’t able to find Google Adsense Contact Number Anywhere because they didn’t provide it. You only have a Contact Form That will help you to reach them.

How to Protect Google Adsense Account

Getting Approval of Google Adsense is quite easy, but still protecting your Google Adsense account is so hard. So, I have prepared Infographic that includes helpful tips to protect your account

Tips to Safe your Google Adsense Account
Use it Freely in your site by Giving Suitable Credit

I hope now; your Adsense account will not ban. Now, Let’s Learn, Is Adsense still profitable in 2019, And How you can convert Adsense into a Business

How to Earn More From Adsense (Scaling into Business)

#1 Tip

As I told you earlier, With the help of Google AdSense. you can earn money by inserting ads on your website. On the Other Hand, Adsense is also used for monetizing YouTube videos and the Android app as well.

Now, You can make multi-source your income by repurposing content.

Suppose if you are running a Mobile Niche Blog, Where you review handsets. Here what you can do is, You can create your youtube channel. Where you do reviews of products.

After that, you create your Android app, where people will watch your youtube videos and read text-based content as well.

Now, monetize these three platforms using, and you are earning a 3x income of your current earning.

#2 Tip

To earn more money with Google AdSense, you have to increase your traffic or CPC. Both things are not in our hand directly, but you can control them indirectly. Let’s learn how.


Here I am not going to cover tips that other Bloggers, Say. Like that – Share your articles on Social Media, Submit to social bookmarking sites.

I know that things work, but we are not going talking about that basic stuff. You are now ready to learn Advanced Stuff. Let’s Start

#1 Use Reddit

Reddit is a Whopping 1.5 Billion Traffic per month. Traffic is Basically from subreddits. So, Here What you can do is.
You can go to subreddits. Add Value to them, Increase your Karma Score. Here is A Example of Valuable Post.

Screenshot of My Shehraj Singh Post on Reddit
Example of Post to Do on Reddit

Now, Do These Type of Post Regularly on Reddit. After 1-2 weeks. Try to Include a link as a reference.

Remember: That Link Looks like Natural. Not a Way of Self-promotion. Otherwise, Moderator will delete your post or Maybe Kick Out you from the community.

Here is One of Example of My Popular Post on Reddit.

My Popular Post on Reddit

In That Way, You can receive a decent amount of traffic from Reddit. Even, One Day My Answer goes viral on Reddit. That day I am receiving 20 Real-time traffic from Reddit.

Increase CPC

Cost Per Click varies on the advertiser. So, Directly, you can’t do anything in it. So, What you can do is. You can choose a highly Profitable niche, Where Advertisers pay More money per click.

Here is List of High CPC Niches, Where you can Start Blog.

Insurance $58
Conference Call $42


Earning Money With Google Adsense is easier but, you didn’t have to limit on one source. Create multiple sources of earning and Make Passive income through it.

Moreover, if you are expecting easy Adsense money then, It is not for you. it needs Patience and smart work.

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