5+ Things I Learned From Gaurav Madaan

This article is about a Smart-Savvy person, Who is having a deep knowledge of marketing called “Gaurav Madaan” AKA My Facebook Ads Mentor…

I got to know about Gaurav in 2018. From there, I’m moving into his sales funnels like anything. That’s a really long story. Let’s have that for a different post.

Let’s Dive in…

Top Learnings From Gaurav Madaan

I’m not going to talk about any skills that I learned from Gaurav, But instead, I’ll include some lessons that I learned from him.

learnings from gaurav madaan

1. Be a Life Long Learner

On whatever stage you are right now. Always be a lifelong learner. Learn at least one new thing every day then, Implement that right away as well. Because his belief is Knowledge is vain without implementation

2. Be persuasive

Always make people believe in you and your products and services. Make your offer so value-packed that people will become your raving fans.

Kill all their objections Then, Make them believe they can do it.

3. Build Your Strong nETWORK (Will help you in longer run)

network of gaurav madaan

4. Health-oriented 

I was a guy, Who wants to more productive in his work approach. Sometimes I do some sacrifices with my health as well. This was something that was making me Lazy Day-By-Day.

One day I saw one post of Gaurav on Instagram posts. Where he talked about to have 8 thousand steps in a day and some other things as well. I thought How this can help?

But, I was having belive in Gaurav. So, I just think off. OK, let me give it a try!


After, Implementing these simple steps, I was more productive than ever. From that day, I started my health-oriented approach towards my work.

Here is the life changing post;

5. Never gave up

NEVER EVER GAVE UP YOUR DREAMS. Whenever you feel demotivated.

Just See, Why you started this and where you want to take this after 10 years. I hope this makes more clarity in your mind.

6. Quick Execution

I’ve observed that Gaurav is a very quick executor. Whenever he receives any kind of feedback form his customers. He executes it very quickly. He does a tremendously good job.

Some More Learnings…

  • Write Down Your Goals And Track Progress
  • Learn From Your AND Other Peoples Mistakes.
  • Most Importantly Work With Passion

Thanks for being at the end of this blog post. If you want to be more familiar with him. You can check out his stuff by giving the links below.

This post is a birthday present for Gaurav. His birthday is on 4-September. If you’re reading this post on his birthday. Wish him a Happy Birthday in the comment section.

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