How I Generated Over 500 Email Subscribers in just 3 days (Case Study)

Money is in the list!

You know it very well, Right. But the question is, How I can generate my own list?

I was having this same question. When I started email marketing. But, now I’m at a stage where I generated over 500+ Email Subscribers in just 3 days. In this blog post, I’ll teach you the same. So, Let’s Start

How I Generated Over 500 Email Subscribers in just 3 days

Facebook Ads

First of all, I used Facebook ads to drive traffic. I’m a regular advertiser on Facebook. I used to run 5-10 new email campaigns every day. This champaign was one of my cheapest champaigns that I ever run.

You can see the stats given below

image that shows my facebook ads cost
Facebook Ads Cost

As you can see, I spend around $38.73 to acquire 520 subscribers. Don’t go after Facebook numbers that are 598, It is a little bit different stats. Because I’m using double opt-in in which, I’m having 46 subscribers that didn’t confirm subscription.

Moreover, Facebook also does some mistakes in numbers that is quite normal. This is the ads part.

Lead Magnet

People are not ready to give their email address to you without any value in exchange.

So, I gave them an eBook named “Affiliate Advantage”. This eBook is a decent example of lead magnet. I get this eBook on PLR Resource. Design of this eBook attracted me towards this.

So, I just decided that This is going to be my lead magnet. But the problem is, Good in this eBook was outdated. So, I updated content inside this eBook. Now, My lead magnet was leady.

Then, I used website called DiyBookCovers to generate the 3d box cover for this eBook. Now, Lead Magnet Part is Done.

Landing Page

Now, Let’s talk about the landing page that I used to collect people. I used quite a simple squeeze page. Without having any fancy decoration.

image of squeeze page
Preview of squeeze page

Simple and clean, Right. I just added that timer to increase urgency. So, People will enter their email as soon as they can. After that, visitors are redirected to the thank you page.

Where I give them the opportunity to become part of my Facebook group and Messenger Chatbot as well.

Now, These are some things that, I’m doing front end. I’m also running the backend process as well.


Let me show you my autoresponder, I’m using ConvertKit as my email service provider. When someone will subscribe to the list. I’m shooting this email to that person’s inbox.

 Congratulations {{ subscriber.first_name }},

You are an Action Taker. You've shown this by claiming by Affiliate Advantage eBook. You can Click Here To Download this eBook. I hope that you'll love it.

In this eBook you'll learn advanced affiliate marketing strategies that will blown your mind.

I will also mail you advanced marketing stuff on regular basis. Your Journey is going to be Insane, {{ subscriber.first_name }}.

We Both Action Taker's Will scale it to next level. To be honest, I don't know you...Yet.

But, You are an Action Taker. This is reason why i sent you this email.
And I'm going to do my best to make sure you succeed in your career as an Internet Marketer.

Happy to see you on-board. You can follow me personally on my social profiles by using this link.
For any query and concerns, you can email me.

PS: Add my email to your contact list. Also let me know what are your life goals?

Yours In Success,
Shehraj Singh (Digital Entrepreneur) 

After this email, I’m shooting them lots of valuable stuff that I love.

How You Can Do Same

It’s is very easy for you. How?

Because I’ve shown you my entire process. How I did it. Now, You can also do it. I get to aware of this strategy from the Email List Building eBook. You can check it out that eBook as well.

You can easily do it with that entire blueprint. That eBook will teach you the basics of Facebook ads. If you are completely new and want to learn Advanced Level of Facebook advertising.

Then, You can check out my list of best Facebook ads courses. You’ll love them. That’s all for today. I hope you liked it.


Key Mantra: Lead Generation is simple, But Converting that leads into customers is hardest part

Shehraj Singh

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