How to become a consistent writer

Finally, 21st day

I consistently wrote a blog post for 21 days. I wanted to build my writing muscle. In past, I tried multiple times to get into the habit of writing regularly, but I could not get myself to do it.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experience with writing regularly and give you some insights to figure out the same.

How to become a writer

The last 2 weeks were really hard. You know I was very good at writing for the first week but after that, I started feeling tired. My body was not letting me write. My mind started to be distracted and I felt like quitting this practice.

So again I set a new goal for myself: ‘I will continue my writing practice for 21 days and then I’ll gift myself a Kindle device.

1. Set a Rewards for yourself

I learned this concept from the atomic habits book where James (author) talks about consistent routines powered by consistent rewards. In this case, my consistent reward was a kindle device.

Now, Seeing that kindle reward in front of me made me go the extra mile which ultimately helped me to achieve my goal.

2. Setting up a specific time and date

This was a game-changer, setting specific times and dates has helped me to take this habit seriously. I write my blog posts at 8:30 pm because that’s the time when I finished my day’s work.

I setuped a regular task in my Todoist app to make it more effective.

No more excuses for me. I even wrote blog posts when I was sick (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT)

But lately, this tip started failing for me 8:30 become 9, 9 then 9:30

Now, I’m fixing it up but yeah this works.

3. Keep things ready

Keep it easier for yourself. Keep your blog post ideas, outline ready before the time so that you don’t have to waste your time thinking.

I use Notion for this purpose. I’ll jot down all my ideas on the page and then work on them later. It has a great mobile app so I also keep writing down there.

I also kept my table clean in order to stay distraction-free.

4. Find out a good writing software

Adding more cent to it, Creating a distraction-free environment can help you to achieve more in less time.

I personally like writing in Sublime text, It has easy shortcuts and it’s fast.

I used a writing app called Calmly Writer to stay distraction-free. It has a full-screen mode and also can hide menu bars. Plus it has an auto markdown feature which is amazing.

It removes all menus, formatting options, tabs, etc from the screen so that you can focus your writing only.


I’m really glad that I’m part of such an amazing blogosphere, this place is full of inspiration and motivation.

Thank you guys again for all your support, encouragement, comments.

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4 thoughts on “How to become a consistent writer”

  1. Hi Shehraj,

    This gig becomes tiring at times. I’ve been blogging for about 15 years.

    Keeping things ready is a fabulous tip. I always have a post or two ready for writing in my backoffice and usually dive in and write the thing immediately. Ideas seized seem to multiply. Keep grabbing the ideas and you will keep writing, if you sit down and schedule writing time, which is another excellent tip.


  2. I like the idea of keeping things ready. Being on call with your typing fingers ready and raring allows ideas and blog posts to flow. Get right into it. Write the moment that inspiration arises, even if it means just recording a blog post title in your back office. Smart tips bro!



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