My Fav Applications to listen Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks was a great addition to my life. Developing this habit not only helped me to catch up on the good stuff that I had missed out but also allowed me to listen and learn from people who inspire and motivate me.

In this post, I’ll present you with the complete list of my favorite audiobook apps for iPhone/iPad and Android platforms.

Best Audiobooks Applications



You can literally find any audiobooks in Audible that you can possibly think of it. It’s an amazon owned company that makes purchases easy and accessible on kindle devices.

Their player is also very flexible which includes the option to increase playback speed, bookmark option, time staps for a chapter every single chapter.



Blinkist is postioning themself as an “online library” for book summary. What I like about them is the fact that they are going into the audiobooks game as well.

Sometimes I do listen some of their audiobooks.

Libby by Overdrive

Libby is a free app that allows you to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library. Libby works with public libraries.

Just open their app, search for your library using the zip code or click on “visit your local library’s website” link.

You will be asked to login with your library card infos, select audiobook you want to borrow and wait for them to deliver it into your app.

Yeah these are some of my favorite audiobook apps.

Let me know how do you listen to audiobooks and which one of these is your favorite!

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