My Mini Audible Review – The Real Deal?

Audible is a popular online book store that sells audiobooks. I’ve been a member for over a year now and have listened to many books on their site as well as through the app available for iOS N’ Android.

In this post, I’ll do a short review of Audible

audible library
My Audible library

Pros of audible

  • Passive Learning – alternative of physical books
  • You can increase the player speed up to 3.5x. If you want a faster progress, this is a must have feature!
  • You can bookmark a certain portion in a book. This
  • Easy to refund books (1 Click instant refunds)
  • You can easily download books for offline learning. This is great if you are commuting or travelling.

Cons of Audible

  • Not as effective as reading the book

My Point

For me, listening to audiobooks was kind of hard at the beginning because once I hit the word you are unaware of can lose the momentum of listening to a book.

I go to google to see the meaning of a word then as I am trying to come back to the point. I lost the track of book itself.

But after some time, as I was able to listen to the book in one go! For lite books (as per vocab), Audible is the best for me.

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