Are credit cards good or bad?

Recently, I was thinking about this analogy that “Are credit cards bad?”

Let me straight with you, They’re if you don’t use them wisely. Humans love to do shopping that’s why people outspend on their credit cards which results in the pain of depth till eternity (Bit offensive)

but that’s the reality that’s why I always recommend you don’t purchase things that you can’t purchase thrice. Of course not with a credit card.

I’m talking about your bank balance. If you can’t, You can’t make it up. Work hard, Pal!

On the other hand, there are many benefits of using credit cards as well such as discounts exclusive to cardholders but yeah indirectly you’ve to pay them in one way or another.

Because Merchants raise their prices in order to match these fees which is the reason why some places do not accept credit cards.

In case of emergency, You can be a life saver or whatnot!

As a bottom line, My recommendation is to use credit cards as debit cards, don’t go less than thrice of your account balance

If you can’t stop your money mind to take action then cancel your cards to fix this up!

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