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I’ve been using for a few years now, and I’ve finally made the decision – I’m moving out. Anchor is an app that was released in November 2015 by Michael Mignano and Nir Zicherman.

It allows you to record your voice and upload it as a podcast. After consistently use of Anchor, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are too many limitations and not enough benefits to keep me using it.

If you’re thinking to have an anchor as your host then, this article is written for you.

Let’s dive in,

Anchor.Fm Review

For the last two years, My podcast “Shehraj Singh Show” is hosted over the Not only me, people like Gary Vaynerchuk are also hosting their podcast over it.

image of Dashboard
My Podcast Hosted Over Anchor isn’t a scam or a short-term play. You might be thinking that Why they’re providing their service for free. What is thier business model?

Why it’s free

Anchor.Fm earns money from sponsorships. Being your podcast host, they have all the details about your podcast.

They find advertisers who would love to advertise on certain podcast categories. Then, They give the option to the host (You) to have these ads on thier show.

If the creator (You) accepts the offer, will charge some commission for connecting both parties.

Secondly, Listener can also directly support the podcast by paying a recurring subscription. If someone ends up paying a subscription, Anchor will approximately 4.5% as a commission the amount

On thier blog, They’ve published an in-depth blog post about this. In the end, They’re owned by Spotify which is another popular podcast directory. Spotify will love to pay the fees if someone is engaging their user


I asked of one my blogging mate “Ryan” to quote about the Anchorfm platform. He has published over 420 podcast episodes using Anchor. Here is what he said;

Anchor is good for a lightweight podcasting tool. Not many bells and whistles as far as features but it is good for quick and easy podcasting, without all of the frills.

Ryan Biddulph, Blogging From Paradise

Like Ryan Explained, I never found any difficult to use this platform. They’ve everything that a beginner needs to start their podcast. To name a few;

  • Mobile App
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • Automatic Podcast Distribution
  • Analytics
  • Sponsorships
  • Training to Start with

But still, there are certain features that they need to consider adding to thier platform. For instance, Buzzsprout is having a very cool feature called dynamic placement.

As the name suggests, We can add dynamic fields inside episodes for future promotions, advertisements, or maybe used for selling affiliate products.

Or Buzzsprout also has a feature called Audio Remastering which will optimize the podcast audio for a better listening experience.

Apple Myth submits their own email address inside the apple podcast directory which gives out apple podcast control in their hand.

I’d recommend you manually submit your podcast feed to the apple podcast. else, Anchor will submit your feed under their own account.

I’m a victim of this situation. A few months back, I want to check out my podcast stats for the apple podcast.


I was unable to claim to my podcast. It took me few weeks to get access back.

I found that submits their own email address inside the apple podcast directory which gives out remote control in their hand. Fortunately, You can claim it back.

Thanks to anchor, They’ve put together an in-depth article to solve this issue. Sometimes, this may give out restrictions to PODCASTER TO STICK thier platform.

Limited Stats

Anchor provides access to the statistics in their dashboard, which means you need to go ahead and check every single platform to check how your podcasts are performing on their platform.

anchorfm statistics

Where podcast hosts such as Buzzsprout give everything under one shed. This is one of the top most reason, Why i’m planning to move out!


If you’re someone who wants to start thier podcasting journey then, Hell Yeah! Anchor is for you. Even when I started my podcast in Mid-2019. I use an anchor to power my podcast.

Or If you’re a podcasting pro who wants to cut down his hosting bills or maybe looking for an alternative then, I’d recommend Buzzsprout to you.

Ps: Many peple say that, Anchor is a free platform. So, They don’t trust this service. To be honest, I agree with them in a way but, Anchor is powered by Spotify. So, I put the trust in spotify to host my show there.

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    Yes, Anchor is simple tool to host the podcast. I am also hosted my episodes on this.

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